Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are you going to fetish that?

Apparently, I am not the only one with full-on Halo love.

While trying to Google stories of other halo comrades to learn valuable medical information, I stumbled across this website for the Neck Brace Art Appreciation Club. That's right, a euphemism for people who seem to get a pup tent for neck braces. They even wear them "recreationally" to get their rocks off. How anyone could see these things as remotely erotic is beyond me.


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stclair5211 said...

Funny you mention that specifically. I actually remember finding that site long ago and it is pretty "different", but there are a lot of others. It was on a "weird sites of the internet" type site that I learned about it and others. My favorite is "plushies" and "furries." Hope I got that right, I am not an expert! Anyway these people either dress up as stuffed animals and then have sex or the other ones like to have sex with stuffed animals. Bizarre! Of course the balloon fetish people are pretty strange and the amputee fetish stuff is really strange, but it all seems pretty harmless. At least compared with a lot of what weirdos seem to use the net for. So I guess what I am saying is there is plenty of weirder stuff out there! : )

Happy Thanksgiving by the way!