Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm bringing sexy back

Getting ready for a shampoo under the kitchen sink. Should probably just go dreadlocks for the neck nine weeks.


sidsideways said...

Hi Nadine.
We're members of a pretty exclusive club! To reply to your questions having the halo off wasn't a problem. There's no pain but it is a little disconcerting after all those months. Originally they were going to put me in a hard collar but because the fracture had healed well I'm not waring any (not even a soft collar). My neck is very stiff and doesn't have a lot of mobility but I'm having physio and it get's better all the time. I still feel some pressure around the halo pin sites but that too is diminishing. Hard sometimes to accept -- but we are the lucky ones.
How are you managing/progressing?

Cam Beck said...


Whitney said...

You're still one of the most beautiful women I know! You've got the Nadine smirk on that I know so well. I'm happy to see that all this hasn't taken away your sense of humor!

Love you!