Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scar Tissue

Three days out, it's amazing hour fast the pin sites are healing. Now I just look like I've been bitten by a wide-mouthed viper.

Still feeling achy and flu-ish. Muscles I didn't even know I had ache all over. But I took a long walk in the sunshine yesterday and it felt amazing.


david armano said...

Yay it's off!!!

Now get back in the office. We need you!


Glad to see you on the mend kiddo.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your entire blog and the entire thing mkaes me crack up. I am currently in my halo and have been since November 11, 2006. I have a C2 fracture. I can relate to everything your saying. im 23 just got my first out of college job, a new apt, and a new car, and then bang a drunk driver hits my friends car while I am a buckled passenger in the back seat. I spent about ten days in the hospital due to the other injuries I incurred. I cant tell you how much better I feel after reading this. You are very brave I wont even let people take my picture in this thing. Everywhere I go out people stare and I know its stupid but it is so frustrating. I went to dinner at Olive Garden the other day, and I was leaving there was sort of a back up in the dining room and I was standind idly in the middle of it, and next to me sat a mentally challenged little boy who started screaming DADDY DADDY WHAT IS THAT WHAT IS THAT GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY! I have never been so mortified in my whole life. Sometimes I feel so shallow but I just want to be normal again. Its so frustrating to talk to my friends on the weekends and they tell me all about the great plans they have. The only thing I do on the weekends is sit around and weep and eat. Good for you that you got new abs, cause im getting a spare tire lol. If you ever have any advice for me or coping mechanisms please email me

Whitney said...


You are so beautiful and I'm ecstatic for you. I have so much respect for you going through this with such poise and grace and humor. I don't know if I would've been so brave. Of course I knew this long before this terrible accident -- you are an amazing woman. But no doubt this will change how you see the world. I'm still so glad you're safe and can't think for a moment about the alternative. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you soon. Springtime in Chicago?!

MWA! I miss you so much,